Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Photo Exhibition: Mother Earth by Simon Raven

Pachamama, Cochabamba (Bolivia) by © Simon Raven
In this collection of photographs of women from China, India and Bolivia, Simon Raven aims to highlight the strength and important role women play in communities at the frontiers of the world.

Photography by Simon Raven

Pachamama (Mother Earth) is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes. In Inca mythology, Mama Pacha or Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. Since Pachamama is a "good mother", people in some regions of South America usually toast her honour by spilling a small amount of alcohol on the floor before drinking the rest.

Mother of Menghun (XishuabanaChina)

A tribal woman at Menghun Market in the Yunnan Province of China.

Mother of Menghun (Xishuabana, China) © Simon Raven

Tamil Woman (PuducherryIndia)

A female construction worker in the old french quarter of  Puducherry, Tamil Nadu (India) takes a moment to pose proudly for the  camera whilst working in the midday heat to reconstruct the Gandhi  memorial on the sea front promenade.

Tamil Woman by Simon Raven © All Rights Reserved

Heart of Gorkhaland (DarjeelingIndia)

A proud mother is photographed with her baby in Darjeeling (India) at the heart of Gorkhaland.

Heart of Gorkhaland by Simon Raven © All Rights Reserved

Onkadeli Bond (OrissaIndia)

A Bonda tribal woman at Onkadelli Market near Koraput (OrissaIndia)

Onkadeli Bond by Simon Raven © All Rights Reserved

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